20 Minutes to Canine Wellness: A Quick Fitness Boost for Your Dog"

Elevate your dog's health and happiness with our latest blog post! Dive into a 20-minute exercise routine that promises a healthier, happier pup. From lively warm-ups to an engaging chase-and-retrieve session, discover the key to a fit and content canine companion. Unleash vitality in every step, making the most of your time for a lifetime of well-being!

Lars Sahlen

12/13/20231 min read

Here's a quick daily exercise routine, under 20 minutes, that significantly boosts your dog's fitness:

  1. Warm-Up Fun - Rhino Drill (2-3 minutes): Start with a lively warm-up session by playing with two balls over short distances, throwing each ball 5-10 feet in different directions. This gets your dog's muscles ready for the workout ahead. The video shows how to do the warm-up with one ball and a very short distance.

  2. Chase and Retrieve Drill -Fast rebound Drill (8-10 minutes): Find a spot near a large tree or wall. Take one of the balls and encourage your dog to lie down in front of you. Throw the ball against the wall, creating a bouncing effect, and have your dog eagerly chase and retrieve it. You can also use two balls and throw the second ball as your dog returns to you, however, ensure your dog is conditioned for that intensity. Adjust the duration based on your dog's fitness level and the outside temperature.

  3. Cool Down with a Leash Walk (5 minutes): Gradually transition from the active session to a cooldown by leash walking your dog for 5 minutes. Allow your dog to explore, sniff around, and take bathroom breaks. This gentle cool-down period helps regulate your dog's heart rate and prevents stiffness.

Remember: Always have water available for your dog throughout the exercise routine to ensure they stay hydrated and refreshed. This exercise not only optimizes your dog's physical fitness but also adds an element of mental stimulation and bonding during playtime.

Watch this video from ACAP (Advanced Canine Athletic Program) for a warm-up drill and later the chase and retrieve. They have great information on their website https://acappet.com