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The best Dog Leash for Biking,Hiking, Swimming or Training

Here's what our customers are saying

"We got this leash for two specific reasons. First, the rubber strips on the leash make it easier to grip. We are training a large breed puppy and we need hands on the leash at various points, and the strips of embedded rubber make it so much more comfortable to hold than the nylon leash we previously used. The rubber is sewn in, not heat infused or stamped on, so it will last the life of the leash. And second, the metal clasp seemed of high quality and other reviewers commented on it. It’s true, it works smoothly and strongly. Frankly, it’s surprisingly well-made. Even though it costs a few dollars more, it gets used multiple times daily, and the added convenience and comfort of the rubber make this a great value. I highly recommend it!"

- Amanda

"Love this leash as it’s very lightweight which is important when walking 2 young energetic dogs who pull in all directions but strong enough it’s not going to break. The grip on the leash is comfortable too as it prevents the leash from sliding through you hand. I am buying another for my other dog!!"

- Jane Wood